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The Samsung OfficeServ 7000 series hybrid communications platform provides a traditional or IP-based wired and wireless solution for voice and data communication. Businesses can deploy OfficeServ 7000 systems to build sophisticated telephony applications, secure data communications infrastructure and 

policy-driven networks.

Secure IP

This means that a remote user

can connect to the business

telephone system as a direct

fully featured extension via any

private or public data circuit

(such as ADSL) or from any data

outlet on the local area


Benefit – work from ANY

location, making and receive

calls via the main company

lines, range of terminals include

a physical desk phone, a PC

based softphone or a wireless

handheld phone.

Satellite Offices & Networking Options

OfficeServ comes in a range of

processor sizes and

Configurations to allow fully

featured networking

Connectivity between sites and

remote locations via simple IP

integration. This means that

you can centralise your

resources such as centralised

operator (on a screen based

console), centralised voicemail,

or even shared skill resources

over multiple sites. With all

locations linked via the IP



This means that a single phone

extension can support

multiple users via a log on code.

Example, 5 staff that share a

single extension can simply log

on with their own PIN and the

phone will adopt their personal

settings such as extension

number, direct dial number,

class of service, group

membership and log in and

personal voicemail.

Time Plans

Rather than the traditional day/

night service that you have

currently, the OfficeServ uses

SIX time-plans to cover a 24

hour period. The benefit is that

each area of the company can

be independently automated

to follow different rules for call

distribution based on time of

day and day of week.

Prioritise Calls

OfficeServ can automatically

place important callers to the

top of any ringing queue based

on either the number they

dialed or the number their

calling from, providing the

option of an enhanced service

level to special customers.

Call Volume Control

OfficeServ can control the

maximum number of calls

which are received on any

given group number to ensure

that ALL direct dial numbers

have an equal chance of

connecting to an available

incoming ISDN line.

Windows Programming

Integration to the local area

network allowing end user and

remote programming changes

to be done via windows based

GUI from any authorised PC on

the local or wide area network.

Screen Based Operator Console

Windows based application

with an easy to use interface to

support the handling of multiple

calls to multiple local or

networked extensions within

the business.

Unified Messaging

Samsung voicemail now offers

the complete integration with

your email to alert you to

voicemail messages and

recordings within individual and

group mailboxes.

Computer Telephony Integration

There are now a suite of

products to provide desktop

control of your telephone and

integration to any customer

contact database.