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Communication is vital to any business and with a growing number of analogue, digital and data line solutions available, LineProvider can help customers understand which method works for the requirements they have.


Although it is the most basic of services when it comes to telecommunications, analogue is still used across the country ordinarily for businesses for fax machines, card machines, alarm systems and broadband connections.

The most installed line across the UK, the single copper analogue line is the most commonly used for small businesses, households and sole traders. It is a low-cost reliable voice line which can support broadband internet.

Multi lines are simply more than one analogue line that are configured to run off one telephone number. When a line is in use the second or subsequent lines can be used to make or receive calls on the same number.



ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) is the most commonly used line for businesses connected to a telephone system across the UK. ISDN was initially developed for simultaneous digital transmissions of voice, data and video. However, today it is typically only used for voice.

ISDN2 have two channels which allow two concurrent calls. You can add further channels (in pairs) which increases the number of simultaneous connections.

ISDN30 is a high quality and reliable line for businesses with a requirement of more than eight concurrent calls. Each ISDN30 connection provides a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 30 channels that can be expanded in singles or multiples. You can still combine multiple ISDN30 connections for businesses with requirements of more than 30 lines.

DDI (direct dial in) numbers are available in blocks or singularly for inbound callers to dial into a department or an individual user’s work station, avoiding the need to go via a receptionist, operator, switchboard or auto attendant.



With improved speeds and affordability, data connections between premises and to the internet have become more accessible to a broader range of businesses. This development has seen video and voice start to migrate across to an IP platform.

Working over a copper telephone line, ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line), can be installed almost anywhere and offers businesses a basic yet fast data solution with very low costs to maintain.

MPLS (multiprotocol label switching) is an alternative data-carrying technique mainly used for higher performance networks and offers a lower cost of ownership over other solutions for multi-site users. Offering a quality of service guarantee which is key for video and voice services, MPLS is not only reliable but also offers an enhanced level of future proofing and security.

For businesses connecting multiple sites over a greater distance, a leased line connection offers a dedicated and uncontended service for telephony, data and internet.  The bidirectional and privacy benefits coupled with guaranteed upload and download speeds makes leased lines the perfect choice for a number of businesses across the country.

More and more businesses are now choosing to move voice calling over the internet (VoIP) and SIP or Session Initiation Protocol gives customers this service.  SIP not only provides businesses with the ability to make voice calls, but also offers multimedia streaming for video calling and instant messaging.

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