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CallProvider offers a range of tariffs to fit any size of business, from requiring only a few hundred minutes, right the way up to multi-site companies with a requirement of thousands of minutes. Bespoke call packages covering a variety of different calling profiles and methods ensures cost-efficient calling and streamlined call traffic handling. 


CallProvider has a number of packages to fit all business call profiles. We understand that all customers have different needs and we can provide an accurate analysis to ensure the best fit solution is offered.

Depending on the call usage, it might be more advantageous for businesses to simply pay for calls monthly as they are made. CallProvider has access to some of the lowest call by call rates available to keep monthly spend as low as possible.

For businesses with much higher call usage, call inclusive tariffs can help to bring even bigger savings. Shared minute bundles can be used for landline calls, mobile calls, international calls and premium rate calls.



As more and more businesses are looking at new ways of communication, alternatives to the traditional method of placing a call over a copper wire are providing a new freedom of choice on how and where a call is made.

Currently, the majority of UK calls are placed on PSTN (public switched telephone network) or ISDN (integrated services digital network) because that is all that was available historically.

These calls are placed over the long-established infrastructure and have been the standard for many years, connecting people all over the world for voice, data and fax. Where modern alternatives are not available due to connectivity, CallProvider is happy to bill conventional calls.

CallProvider can allow people to initiate a call using IP-based technologies over a number of different platforms. Voice over IP allows users to make and receive calls through a fixed or mobile internet connection. Applications such as WeVoIP give a workforce the ability to make calls via the business’s phone line from anywhere in the world at a fraction of the cost.



CallProvider aims to keep business’ monthly usage costs as static and low as possible, we do this by consistently implementing and monitoring packages that have room for growth.

Keeping costs down is essential to every business, CallProvider offers a monthly billing analysis service to all our landline customers. Using our bill analysis tools, our support team can offer usage reports which minimise potential bill shocks and remove the administration time taken to review monthly usage and spend.

CallProvider knows that the ability to increase the allowances for call traffic is essential as businesses grow. All of the tariffs we provide can be increased during the contract period to accommodate business requirements.

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