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The range of products available in the field of ICT is constantly developing and ICTProvider has a number of high-tech solutions that will improve the productivity and collaboration capabilities within any business.

The partners we use for our solutions are globally recognised companies, all of the products ICTProvider use are of the highest quality and specification available in the current market.


ICTProvider understands that despite the evolving world of technology, businesses need equipment that will stand the test of time. With our extensive knowledge of AV product ranges, ICTProvider sources solutions that will be as capable in 5 years time as they are today. 

The Samsung screens that ICTProvider can supply range from 19″ to over 80″ with a variety of features including full HD, 4K, Smart and Curved. Providing the perfect solution for any business, enabling efficiency monitoring and the ability to analyse performance and operation statistics at a glance.

From boardrooms to reception areas and from training rooms to demonstration suites, the ICTProvider team can deliver the perfect display solution. Our experienced technicians can also manage the connectivity of these screens to application platforms such as statistics wallboards, digital signage, IPTV platforms or satellite television.

Sonos is the smart speaker system that streams music to any or every room. It gives a user the ability to control music with one simple app. Multiple Sonos elements in a single building connect to each other.  This network, known as SonosNet allows music to be played simultaneously in separate zones. ICTProvider are specialists in delivering Sonos solutions into businesses, our team of network technicians can deliver a Sonos solution bespoke to your needs.


In today’s world the cost of travel and accommodation is ever increasing and bringing people together can take up valuable time.

Video conferencing gives businesses the ability to collaborate in a way that reduces costs and enhances productivity. ICTProvider supplies and installs HD quality video conferencing solutions, offering improved audio features and file sharing capabilities enabling businesses to connect worldwide.



ICTProvider believes that video surveillance and PA systems should be designed with buildings, budgets and requirements in mind. This is why we specialise in providing bespoke solutions which fit the needs of each individual business.

MOBOTIX, of which we are an advanced partner, are known as the leading pioneer in network camera technology and their revolutionary concepts have made high-resolution video surveillance systems more cost-effective and efficient.

Compared to traditional analogue PAL TV quality (704×576),  a MOBOTIX camera with 6 megapixel moonlight lenses (3008×2000) enables a business to record much higher quality images. With multi-lens cameras and 360° panoramic lenses available, a MOBOTIX solution can reduce the number of cameras required and therefore the costs.

With a necessity to announce messages, and the constant need for up to date information, a reliable and effective public address system becomes crucial to the safe operation of any business. Whether you require background music or clear speech announcements, PA systems can be connected to the telephone and camera systems, enabling staff or monitoring stations to put a call out of the telephone handset, ceiling speakers or tannoy horns. Our experience in the installation of PA and tannoy systems enables us to provide solutions for a wide variety of environments.



WiFi is completely flexible in its deployment. It can be installed as a standalone solution for data requirements or fully integrated into a telephone system.

From a single wireless router ranging through to multiple attached access points, Draytek’s wireless router range offer a cost effective solution for businesses operating to a budget or where seamless migration between access points is not a necessary requirement.

Designed with mobility in mind, Samsung WiFi delivers security, quality and a seamless voice and data experience with a fully meshed wireless network infrastructure. ICTProvider can supply and install high grade and scalable solutions that are proven to deliver superior capacity, speed, and coverage in even the most challenging business environments.


With a 16km range the Ubiquiti products are perfect for requirements such as; linking buildings together or beaming IP connections across a distance. Completely built in waterproof UV stabilised casing, the NanoStations are the perfect device to connect networks across WLAN.

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