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Installation is just as important as the products we supply, and our team of highly qualified technicians are experienced in our complete product range. Works are always planned and carried out to industry standards and regulations with customers in mind to ensure the least amount of downtime or impact on any business.


Our professional approach and technical expertise helps to guide our customers throughout a project from start to finish, meaning complete transparency and total understanding to everyone involved.

Having completed installations at thousands of businesses, our team of technicians have gained a wealth of experience when it comes to approaching a new installation. 

A comprehensive site survey and a requirement specification are completed prior to any new system installation. Therefore, ensuring that the work is carried out in the most time effective, economical and efficient way. 

Whether a customer wants to replicate exactly what they already have, or completely redesign how their telephone system operates, our team can help to advise, collate the information and implement it.


With vast experience in telephony systems, high-resolution video surveillance and complete AV solutions, our highly qualified team of technicians offer an efficient and professional service from start to finish, making the process as painless as possible.

Our team are not only skilled in installing hardware including data cabling, ICT and telephone systems, but are also fully trained in the software and applications we provide such as business mobile apps, CTI and video surveillance recording.

Even with the best forward planning, sometimes during an installation problems can surface that might not have been identified during the initial survey. The experience of our technical team ensures methodical solutions can always be found to navigate around unexpected issues.

Equipped with all of the required tools and dressed for the job at hand, it is clear to identify our on-site technicians and the presence our company has by the fully branded work wear, PPE and company branded vehicles.


The planning around installing a new solution can be difficult, but to make things easier we offer a range of flexible working hours to fit around any business, ensuring that any work carried out has a minimal amount of downtime.

Carrying out an installation during normal business working hours can impact the daily running of a business and would lead to a lack of connectivity.

To combat this problem we offer an out of hour’s service before 9am and after 5pm weekdays and weekends to ensure that any downtime can be kept to a minimum.

We can provide the same high level of service and flexible working hours to customers on our doorstep or across the length and breadth of the country.

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