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Designed with mobility in mind, Samsung WiFi delivers security, quality and a seamless voice and data experience with a fully meshed wireless network infrastructure. ICTProvider can supply and install high grade and scalable solutions that are proven to deliver superior capacity, speed, and coverage in even the most challenging business environments.


Flexibility – employees can work securely on any device, in any location in your

organisation, giving great flexibility and making the working space more efficient.

Quality – Samsung Wireless LAN solution delivers high-quality voice, video and data on more devices within a wider range. This ensures enhanced customer experience,

maximum customer and increased

Wireless Intrusion Prevention (WIPS) – The importance of security in the enterprise communication environment cannot be over emphasised. The Samsung APs have a dedicated security RF monitoring chip embedded, which is separate to the Wi-Fi

service RF chip, to enable continuous

real-time monitoring of the local RF environment.

Air Equaliser – Samsung’s Traffic Schedule technology ensures a fully optimised

Wi-Fi service by allocating equal airtime to multiple devices. This technology

guarantees airtime fairness when multiple devices are concurrently connected to an AP.

Self Organising Network (SON) – Samsung have enhanced the standard Wi-Fi access point Tx power and channel optimisation technology using techniques developed for the LTE network. This technology automatically optimises the cell configuration and coverage, considering individual device characteristics within the environment.

Cost savings – Dynamic RF configuration and optimisation delivers coverage hole

detection and correction.

This translates into a higher uptime and less time spent on network analysis and


Intelligent Beam Selectable Antenna (IBSA)- A Samsung 3 x 3 AP contains 15 antennas. As a result, dead areas are minimised, service coverage is expanded, and the receiving sensitivity is 2 dB higher than competitors’ products.



The WEA303 802.11n is a dual-radio, three spatial stream access point

delivering data rate of 450 Mbps per radio.

• 802.11n – 3×3 MIMO

• 450 Mbps PHY Rate

• External Antennas

• Flexible Deployment

• Greater coverage

• Reliable and Easy to manage


The Samsung WEA302 802.11n is a two spatial streams 802.11n wireless access point that delivers data rate of 300 Mbps and ensures ultimate coverage, easy management and secure wireless network.

• 802.11n – 2×2 MIMO

• 300 Mbps PHY Rate

• Built-in security

• Easy to manage


The Samsung Access Point Controller WEC8500 is specially designed for mission-critical wireless networking in mid-sized to large enterprises.

• Is able to simultaneously manage up to 500 access points

• 10,000 client devices with 20Gbps data plane

• Offers a fast and reliable network