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Telephone systems and integrated IT products are the life-blood of any business and CommsProvider working in partnership with Samsung and Panasonic have a solution for everyone regardless of scale or requirement.

Industry leading solutions such as the feature rich Samsung OfficeServ range, coupled with our experience and world-class installation services, help customers to unlock the potential that the correct communications system can bring to any business.


The telephone system is a must for any business from sole traders with 1 or 2 analogue lines to multinational corporations with hundreds of staff members spread across numerous sites and locations.

CommsProvider can help businesses navigate the ever-changing world of telephony technology to find the system which best fits their business needs. 

CommsProvider’s range of easy to use systems and handsets are compatible with analogue, digital and IP connectivity, enabling us to deliver bespoke and sophisticated solutions to fit any size of business or requirement.

Utilising feature rich product ranges including; Samsung Officeserv, SCM (Samsung Communication Manager) 3CX, Wildix and a variety of Panasonic systems. CommsProvider can enable any business to embrace advanced smart communication technologies while remaining user-friendly.

A full demonstration of various advanced, multi-site telephone systems can be provided at our on-site experience centre. Please

click here to view more information.

Making sure the end user knows how to use the equipment is just as important as selecting the right technology in the first place.
Once a bespoke system has been configured and installed, CommsProvider offers training for groups of staff or one on one training either at the customers premises or at our dedicated training suite.

All telephone systems supplied and installed by CommsProvider come with the option of a maintenance agreement.
Please view the details on our MaintenanceProvider Page.


Capturing each inbound and outbound call can provide a range of benefits for all businesses. 

Having the ability to capture and recall telephone conversations can help to improve on services offered, staff training and can protect companies from a legal compliance stand point.

To protect businesses from potential legal disputes, the products we offer can provide legally admissible recordings of conversations that can be found, listened to and extracted within seconds.

Having the ability to record and monitor calls is invaluable when it comes to training and development. The technology can help to ensure that company set practices are fully met on each and every call. Agent call scoring and evaluation can all be monitored at supervisory or team leader levels.

Many businesses have the ability to take card payments over the phone, and making sure the payment details are correct in the first instance is key. All voice recording products supplied by CommsProvider can meet all PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance standards.


Although making and receiving calls is the primary function of most telephone systems, with the computer telephony integration we provide the power of the solution becomes so much more.


The CTI applications we have in our product range will not only help to improve business productivity by integrating into client databases but will also enhance the experience of the end user, making it easier to recall customer information, identify inbound callers and click-to-dial.

Samsung Xchange has been developed to provide easy to use technology which can enhance an organisation’s productivity by screen popping customer information, click-to-dial functionality and CRM access. Xchange users have access to what they need to communicate efficiently whether it is deployed in a small office with one site or a large organisation with multiple sites.


The Xchange Operator allows you to make a good first impression. The full-screen client application allows you to manage calls effectively, professionally and by the first point of contact. It is designed to be used in conjunction with a digital or IP handset and provides full operator functionality which improves efficiency. It also allows you to manage varying call levels and see who is calling and why using CRM systems and Google Places Tagging.


Available across Android, iOS and Windows, the Xchange Mobile application provides both dialling and collaboration features to give mobile workers the ability to communicate with office based workers.

Samsung WE VoIP is a smartphone application that provides users with voice-over-IP communications over private Wi-Fi networks when in the office, and public Wi-Fi or 4G networks when out of the office. Through the Samsung Communication Manager (SCM) or Samsung OfficeServ 7000 Series phone systems, this application turns your mobile device into a fully featured Samsung IP phone, providing conference calling, transferring, call back later, hold functions and the ability to answer the company’s phone number remotely.

Samsung CMS is a call management solution that fully integrates with a Samsung phone system. With this application, permission based users are able to view historic call statistics, produce detailed activity reports and can also provide live wall board information for any or all users to see.

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