Types Of NGN

types of number

What are the different types of NGN?

An NGN is not just about ‘perception’ – national presence  for example. Many local based companies increase enquiry levels and improve  customer service by utilising the many features you can access with NGN  technology. Different providers offer different features and varying costs.  CommsProvider have an in depth understanding of how best to use this service  to best suit your business – even if you are sceptical, you may well be  surprised at some of the reasons businesses choose NGN.

0871 Flat Rate Numbers    Revenue generating flat rate phone numbers
0870 International Numbers    Geographic rate internationally accessible phone numbers
0845 Local Call Rate Numbers   UK wide phone numbers charged at the local rate
0844 Lo-call Rate Numbers   Revenue generating lo-call rate phone numbers
0800 Free phone Numbers   Free phone numbers are free to the caller
090 Premium Rate Numbers   Revenue generating variable rate phone numbers
03 Range Numbers   Charged the same as calls to geographic numbers(01/02)